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A bagging table at the supermarket that caters to really specific customers.

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2022.01.22 11:01 BeardedGlass A bagging table at the supermarket that caters to really specific customers.

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2022.01.22 11:01 Any-Car8390 PunkBlue #061 H2O 1/5 NFT

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2022.01.22 11:01 TsonKhaiHoi Относно прословутите 210 000 Биткойна "собственост" на държавата

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2022.01.22 11:01 Sensitive_Coyote_865 Simple Utility Cantrips and Rituals

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2022.01.22 11:01 pondering_sage Well yaa..... sort off

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2022.01.22 11:01 SnooOwls1292 What slang term do you like?

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2022.01.22 11:01 Jj_a_Is_A_Scammer DAILY PSA: DO NOT DEAL WITH u/DonaldTrumpsTightAss, u/attomic02, u/itsProy23, u/dixon69cider, or u/notesser

These are repeat scammers with multiple throwaway accounts.
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2022.01.22 11:01 FotografieTest test

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2022.01.22 11:01 proxibus Manipulating Efficiency Ratings Under 100%

If villagers are working at an efficiency below 100%, that means there aren't enough resources available from preventing those villagers from constantly working (e.g. a deficit in soup production or inadequate amount of building resources).
But lets say I've got 3 villagers assigned to Evergroves, with a fourth villager assigned to a pumpkin patch, working at an efficiency slightly below 100%. If I was to open up Everdale every time I got the "your villagers have run out of soup" notification, and craft some soup so that my villagers don't remain hungry for any longer than a few seconds, would my villagers in reality be working at 100% efficiency?
And while technically they'd be working at around 99% due to the few seconds my villagers remaining hungry whilst I open up the application and craft some soup, but that's pretty insignificant is you ask me.
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2022.01.22 11:01 musthavebeenbunnies Your favourite novellas

I'm trying to read more books so novellas would be the best way for me to accomplish this. I love fantasy and magic realism, fairy tales and fables. Keeping this in mind please recommend your favourite novellas.
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2022.01.22 11:01 oaf357 Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Deal Is a Move Toward the Post-Console World

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2022.01.22 11:01 K3V1en Pauta do Dia... Nezuko

Galera, vocês sabem que linhagem de irmão em anime é algo sobrenatural, os criadores fazem os proprios sentirem a raiva um do outro, se entenderem em qualquer situação, a Nezuko não é cega, ela tem TATO (ela sente as coisas) Vocês sabem que ela se mantem na forma pequena, todos já viram isso na temporada passada, e que ela descansa para ficar forte, com todo o seu tempo de descanso ela era pra ficar muito forte, até porque aquele Oni superior era tão forte pro Tanjiro que ele ficou com sangue nos olhos de verdade, teve que apelar pra dança do SOL, pra ter uma luta justa, isso a nezuko ouvindo e sentindo tudo, uma hora ela ia se descontrolar, e ela ficou forte igual um Oni superior, deu pra ver que ela se regenerou muito mais rapido que a Propria, e eu achei a transformação dela ultra foda, e ai que ela ficou gostosa? não é o que eu penso mas se ela não fosse Oni e não tivesse o Tanjiro na historia todo mundo ia ficar falando que ela é mo gostosa, toma no cu cara, esses "memes" na verdade blasfemias falando da forma da Nezuko são sacanagem, ela ficou fodissima com aquela forma, Ficou igualzinha a uma Oni Superior viado, vejam por esse lado, o foda é que ela dormiu com uma historia de ninar mas é forte, vocês tinham que se preocupar com o Hashira que agora ta enfrentando um cara que parece ser mais forte que a Oni Superior Inimiga, porra se aquele cara morrer vai toma no cu até paro de ver o anime.
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2022.01.22 11:01 lifeiscool09 When to take conversation off dating app?

Well we all get matches and talk on dating apps but keeping in mind the sole objective of dating we always need to take conversation off the dating app to other social medias or WhatsApp whatsoever suits.
So how would you know its the time to ask her about social medias or even number?? How long will you talk on the dating app before you try taking this step further?? What are your experiences and suggestions to get things free flowing out of Online dating app?
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2022.01.22 11:01 MurdockLLP Wolverhampton Wanderers XI [22.01.2022][GW23][21/22] vs BRE

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2022.01.22 11:01 trainfoodx23 How long did it take you to sell your first beat and how did it happen?

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2022.01.22 11:01 B3ars1693 Question about running in cold weather is safe?

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2022.01.22 11:01 NFT-Calendar Go Pocket

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2022.01.22 11:01 a_humanoid Gen-z Bonnie and Clyde

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2022.01.22 11:01 NuclearNadalofDumka From a Hindu perspective, Who is a superior? Alexander the Great or Jesus Christ

I just want to know from a Sanatan Dharma perspective, which one of these men are greater. Since they both are foreign western figures.
P.S - My personal opinion is Alexander since he was a conqueror and Jesus was a Pacifist hippie who got nailed.
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2022.01.22 11:01 opnac Bus with an image of grass as its flooring

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2022.01.22 11:01 Pardusco Kyurem by choe jinsol on Artstation

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2022.01.22 11:01 insanemal GNU's Not UNIX v1.1 updated

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2022.01.22 11:01 UpYourFidelity Starting 11 vs Luton. RND replaces injured Stevens. Baldock, Fleck & McBurnie all back on the bench

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2022.01.22 11:01 gregsheldon I’m back! And I need my website roasted/critiqued. See the link is description.

Hi all, you were all such a great help last time with my squeeze page, I’ve now adjusted my website and hope you can rip it apart also! https://www.metalmergercorp.com/
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2022.01.22 11:01 rich4a1 Bernard Allison Highs and Lows

Bernard Allison Highs and Lows https://preview.redd.it/tnh1qzfxw8d81.jpg?width=800&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=9efb1a8071d82dd68c7f1696155b705672fe799f
Making a Scene Brings you a review from Phillip Smith on the new release on Ruf Records by Bernard Allison "Highs and Lows"
Bernard Allison is one of those artists who I totally admire, and I’m absolutely thrilled to hear fresh music from him. Highs & Lows, his latest album is hands-down fantastic. Produced by Grammy Award winner Jim Gaines, this eleven-track blues album is a slice of perfection. The core of Allison’s top-notch band consists of George Moye on bass guitar, Dylan Salfer on rhythm guitar and Steve Potts on drums.
Making A Scene is the #1 Resource for the Indie Artists and the Fans that Love them
#CDReview #indieblues #roots #makingascene #spotify #indie #blues #americana #newmusic #originalmusic #youtube #Saturdaymotivation #MusicSaturdays
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