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2022.01.22 12:47 themiestro21 Friends

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2022.01.22 12:47 crytoloover Airdrop Nhận 20 Token ACY (~5$) Mạng Polygon. Round 2

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2022.01.22 12:47 justsomesaddude1 Slow dancing paired emote?

Slowing dancing with the homies, need I say more?
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2022.01.22 12:47 qrvjhb What are some tourist attractions you just don't get?

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2022.01.22 12:47 georger0171 Canadian Nuclear Station upgrade

The unmanned Canadian Nuclear Station, currently in low polar orbit above the earth and carrying 250 nuclear warheads and as many delivery systems, will receive an upgrade next month! Due to critical maintenance issues, two highly trained and radiation-resistant crew members will be sent up to the station. In addition, we'll be sending up a railgun capable of accelerating a four-pound tungsten round to a reasonable fraction of c, eight point-defence turrets, and enough armor plating to stop a five-kiloton nuclear blast.
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2022.01.22 12:47 Xx_Classix_xX She’d turn them to stone in other ways

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2022.01.22 12:47 redhot2323 “Character is formed in the stormy billows of the world.” - Goethe

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2022.01.22 12:47 JumpinLinesArt Pablo, Me, acrylic, 2016

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2022.01.22 12:47 N4than217 What should the phimotic band feel like

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2022.01.22 12:47 BeautifulFix3607 MK7 Owners in cold climates

I just had a weird question. So it was was -10°F in my area yesterday. I drove about 30 miles before stopping by a gas station. I had a friend with me and they stayed in the car with it running. I was only gone a few minutes and when I came back the temp gauge had gone down from operating temp. Is that normal?
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2022.01.22 12:47 Dapper-Falcon4074 Transferring a large sum of money internationally (Canada > India)

Hope I'm in the right place here. I'll be making an approx 11k purchase in New Delhi in a couple weeks and I'm wondering what's the best way to make the payment. The company takes basically all manners of wire transfer and credit card, but the credit card has a 3% charge, plus BMO Mastercard will charge an additional 2.5% currency exchange rate. It's adding up a fair bit.
Do people have any preferred methods or advice for transferring large sums of money internationally? I've been recommended Remitly and Revolut, but I've zero experience doing money transfers. I'd like to avoid carrying significant sums of cash on me too, although admittedly that's also an option.
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2022.01.22 12:47 Sir_Bohne Painted my first model ever - what happened here?

Hey. Here is a pic of my first model I've ever painted. I choose the turret because i thought it's the easiest.
After having some troubles with the colors (white needed 3-4 coatings and grey has some weird little chunks in it) i was happy with the colors and decided to add a brown wash for a "dirty/rusty" look.
I'm quite happy with it, but i don't know how I got those spots of brown wash on the larger surfaces. Don't get me wrong, i think it looks good, but i couldn't replicate it on another model.
Also any kind of feedback is appreciated, i know its nothing compared to the stuff you guys are painting, but i hope i can improve.
Side note: my biggest "issue" was that i had to paint 3-4 layers, and almost every time i accidently painted another part. Would it be better to paint the whole models white until it has a nice coat, and then add the other colors?
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2022.01.22 12:47 LeKrispyKreme We're All Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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2022.01.22 12:47 Wilbsorama Dark Road, Prelude I: A New Era

“I’m ready.” I said.
The Wizard smirked, and rubbed the white stubble on his chin.
“Prove it.” He challenged.
The old man hauled himself off his rock and lightly plucked his sword from the ground. My stomach dropped slightly as he delicately removed the scabbard and revealed the thin, silvery blade to the late evening air.
“You don’t look ready.” He said playfully, adopting a defensive stance. “Land one blow against me.”
I narrowed my eyes, and readied my wooden training blade. Stepping forward, I swung my blade towards his torso. His blade flashed, faster than I could blink, into the path of my sword.
Two more strikes, two more easy blocks.
“Come on kid…” He grinned.
Don’t call me kid.
I swung five vicious attacks in quick succession, but wherever I swung, his blade was always there.
“Slashes aren’t working. How will you adapt?” He scythed forward, and I swung wildly. He effortlessly batted my sword away again.
We were less than 6 inches apart.
I pulled back, and jabbed the blade straight towards his sternum, but with a single whoosh he sent the point of my sword sailing in a completely different direction.
“You aren’t ready.” The Wizard stated flatly, opening his palm downwards at his scabbard. He jerked his fingers inward and upward, and a small blue ice crystal thrust the scabbard into the air from below. He snatched the sheath from the air and slid his sword into it in one clean movement.
He turned away, and I raised the wooden sword over my head.
“I might surprise you.”
I slammed the blade down towards him, certain that the wood would bounce off the top of his head. His sword, still in its scabbard, shot upwards. It met mine and carried on traveling up. In a split second, I felt my sword carrying my hands over the top of my head.
My balance failed me, and I toppled backwards to the rocky outcropping beneath me.
The Wizard stood over me, arms folded across his chest.
“Nothing surprises me.” He growled, reaching down to help me up.
“Pirates!” Someone shouted from a distance.
“Touche.” The Wizard muttered, turning towards the source of the noise.
A man stumbled unevenly up the cliff path, wildly waving his hands in the air. I reached out to warn him about the uneven rock but it was too late. The shouting man fell flat on his face in front of us.
The Wizard summoned an ice crystal beneath him to prop him back on his feet. The man looked at the crystal in shock before looking at the purple-skinned wizard standing in front of him.
“Speak.” The Wizard said firmly, dissolving the crystal with a wave of his hand.
“Pirates.” The man blubbered.
“Yes, we got that. Anything else?”
The man’s mouth flapped open and closed as he stared at the purple-skinned wizard standing in front of him.
I stepped forward.
“How can we help?” I asked.
The Man pointed his thumb over his shoulder, and my eyes slid past him to a rusty ship, parked on the beach at the far end of the cliff path.
The Wizard saw it too.
“No. Sorry, can’t help.”
‘Wh..” I started.
He swept past me, placed his hands on the man’s shoulders and pushed him back towards his ship.
The Man looked over his shoulder at me. That ship, and this man were a chance to finally get off this tiny rock. I mouthed ‘stay until sunset.’ To him so that the old man wouldn’t see.
My teacher turned back to me.
“Don’t even think about it.” He said, heading back towards his hidden home in The Cave.
Too late.
The Wizard’s sword in hand, I swept out of The Cave and crept quietly down the cliff path. The waves crashed against the rocks below me, but fear was the last thing on my mind.
I’d lived on this Island all my life, knew every path and route so well I could do this blindfolded. There was no danger here for me.
My shoes hit the grass at the bottom of the path, and I sprinted down to the beach.
The Man’s ship stood at the edge of the surf, its nose pointed at the twinkling lights of my village just a short walk ahead. The low sound of their generators just coming to life hummed in the twilight air, a few lights flicking on in the windows.
From the cockpit of his ship, The Man saw me standing on the sand and waved me onboard.
“On! On!” He shouted.
My heart started racing. I’d seen the ships that fed The Island come and go all my life, but I’d never set foot inside one. I climbed slowly into the body of the ship, and my heart soared. I’d never stood in anything like it. It could go anywhere. The seas were no obstacle to him. The horizon was no obstacle.
I suppressed a spike of jealousy and entered the cockpit.
The Man sat in a big chair in the middle, his hand resting on one of the controls.
“You help?” He asked.
I nodded, holding up my master’s sword.
“You Lightbearer?”
Lightbearer? What the hell is a Lightbearer?
The Man sensed my confusion.
“No? Like you Bossman?”
Like The Wizard? Was he a Lightbearer?
I shook my head.
“Ohhh. Not good.”
A jolt of fear ran through me. Please don’t leave me here.
“But I’m a fighter. I can help you!” I shouted indignantly.
“Uh huh..” He sounded doubtful, he narrowed his eyes and looked from me to the sword, and back again. He made a noncommittal noise, and turned back in his chair.
“Does that mean yes?”
“Uh huh.”
I fought to suppress a smile.
His hands became a blur, dashing all over various blinking lights on the consoles all around him. The wind whistled through the open cockpit. The urge to ask a million questions about how his ship worked, how to make it fly, how to take it over the horizon filled me. I pushed them down.
This Man was a way off my Island. A chance to see what lay beyond. The last thing I wanted to do was scare him off.
Engines roared into life, and I fell backwards into another seat as the floor rose underneath me. My village sank under the ship as we took off. The Man turned around and saw me struggling. I must’ve looked like a tiny child, staring up at the stars through the open canopy.
“You fly before?”
I shook my head. He laughed.
The seat slammed into my back, and the ship shot forward through the air. It knocked the breath out of me. I could feel the huge dumb grin grow across my face.
An urge overtook me and impulsively I jumped up, sticking my head out of the top of the ship.
The wind tore at my face, all other sound obliterated by its ferocity. It was amazing. I smiled, and looked back at the rapidly retreating crescent-shaped Island where I’d spent my every one of the 17 years of my life. It was still home, but somehow there was nothing more exciting than running away for a little while.
It was late, late enough that on any other night I would’ve gone to sleep long before this point. Tonight though, I was completely awake. The Island had disappeared over the horizon several hours ago.
I turned back to the pilot.
“How much longer?”
“Don’t know. Pirates move in night.”
I looked out at the ocean beneath me, and took a deep breath. It felt like standing on the beach in a typhoon, the salty air being forced up my nostrils and making my eyes water. I drank in the sensation, it was new and it was exciting.
“You born on Island?”
“First time you leave?”
“Is it obvious?”
The Man chuckled.
They came for us in the dead of night.
It started as a tiny disk of white light, moving just an inch or so above the black ocean below. As it came closer, it grew a little larger. And larger. And larger.
I tapped The Man on his arm and pointed at the light moving just above the waves.
“Pirates.” He said firmly.
“What do we do?” I asked, just above a whisper.
My heart sank a little, and I clutched The Wizard’s sword tightly in my grip.
The disk of light moved underneath us, matching our speed. In the moonlight, I could just make out a boxy shadowy shape pressed against the light. The Pirate’s ship.
I put my foot on the seat and leaned my whole body out of the cockpit to try and get a better view. The tiny white disk of light suddenly shot upwards. In the time it took for my eyes to bug-out of my face in shock, a dark shape shot upwards, its metal body just a foot or so from the end of my nose.
The Man grunted, and our ship pitched violently. The force shoved me back into the cockpit, and ripped the sword out of my hand. It tumbled through the air, flying across the ship towards the other side of the open cockpit.
I threw myself towards it, trying to get a grip on the smooth black scabbard. The ship pitched downwards, throwing the sword towards the back of the cabin. It was just in that moment that I noticed a small blinking red light attached to the bottom of the hilt.
The Man yelled a long stream of words in a language I didn’t understand, and I reached up to the sword.
Gunfire exploded somewhere above(below?) me, and bullets tore into the ship. My heart was pounding in the center of my chest, the urge to vomit rising in my throat.
Suddenly, gravity was moving in the right direction again, and I found myself slammed into the floor of The Man’s ship. Everything was still, everything was quiet.
“Are we ok?”
“No. Fucked.”
A heavy pair of boots clanged on the roof of the ship.
I grabbed the sword, and drew it from the sheath. Clutching it with both hands, I aimed the blade towards where I assumed the enemy would be. It didn’t feel right in my hands. When The Wizard held it, it looked graceful, light, and precise.
When I held it, it felt like a club.
My heart raced, the footsteps moving closer to the open cockpit. My knuckles turned white, I was gripping the sword so tightly, hoping it would come alive in my hands.
I wasn’t scared, really. It was a kind of excitement that felt wrong, as though the thrill of it would be something The Wizard would look down upon.
But he wasn’t here, so I silently reveled in my racing heartbeat.
The Pirate landed loudly in the cockpit. She wore a long fur cape, and metal armor underneath that glowed slightly in the moonlight.
I did as I had been trained. Brandished my blade, and spoke.
“En garde.”
She turned around to face me. A laugh emerged from her. She stalked towards me, her shining eyes fixed on mine. It was like she couldn’t see the huge piece of sharp steel in my hand. She tiptoed towards me.
“You’ve never used that before.”
“Uh… why would you say that?” I said, kicking myself. You sound like a child.
She chuckled.
“Kid. Everything about you says you’ve never swung that thing in anger before.”
She crept closer. Behind her, two more pirates dropped into the ship, grabbed The Man and hauled him upwards out of the ship.
“What’re you doing out here, so far from home?” She cooed mockingly.
“Killing Pirates.” I said. My attempt to sound tough only slightly undercut by a voice crack on the final word.
She opened her mouth into a wide grin. She swept up to me and moved her head to the side, pressing her exposed neck against the sword’s edge.
“Go on then. Kill a Pirate.” She whispered, laughter hiding in her voice.
The sword shook in my unsteady hands. She moved a little closer, letting the blade kiss her skin without cutting it. She put her hand on my shoulder.
“What’s the matter?”
There was the roar of an engine, and a whooshing sound. A new pair of footsteps on the roof. Two Pirates shouting something, then the muffled words suddenly silenced. A brief low hum, and the sound of ice shattering above us.
She turned away from me, drawing a gun from beneath her cloak and pointing it towards the open canopy.
“Reveal yourself!” She demanded.
The Wizard floated down on a pillow of air, landing lightly and standing opposite. His eyes flashed across the situation, and anger crossed his face for a moment.
“Give me the boy.” He said.
Suddenly The Pirate was behind me, gun pressed to my temple.
“I’ll kill him!”
I felt The Pirate’s gun move an inch away from my head.
“Your friends are dead.” The Wizard announced.
A minute ago she’d been absolutely confident, now The Pirate’s breathing was erratic, the metal brushing against my skull was shaking slightly in her hand.
“I’ll… kill him.”
“No you won’t.” He said with absolute certainty. “Tadao, hand me my sword.”
It was in that moment that I realized The Pirate and I were the same age.
“Did you not hear me? I’ll kill him.” She jabbed the shaking gun against the side of my head. I winced and looked to The Wizard for a sign that he knew what he was doing.
“My sword, please.” The Wizard said darkly, staring straight at me.
I felt a tiny drop of blood slide down the side of my face.
“Don’t you do it.” She whispered. She sounded really scared.
I tossed the old man his sword.
The Wizard snatched the hilt from the air and whirled around in one motion. The air hissed as the sword cut through it, then through The Pirate’s wrist, before coming to rest in her neck.
Blood splattered on my cheek.
She staggered backward a few steps, stared down at the pool of her own blood and fell, dead.
I stared at her, wanting desperately to look away, but it was like my eyes were magnetized to her body. Horror and vomit built in my throat. My vision blacked at the edges, blocking out everything that wasn’t her body. The wound from her neck pulsed blood in time with her failing heart.
The world began to sway slightly, and I found myself in danger of falling over.
No. I steeled myself, took a deep breath and turned to face The Wizard.
“You didn’t have to kill her…”
The Wizard said nothing, and leaped out of the open canopy onto the roof. The look in his eyes told me I was in the wrong, and so I reluctantly followed him.
Floating in the air just beyond was another ship, one I didn’t recognize. It seemed alien, all flowing lines and graceful shapes. The Wizard disappeared in a flash before me, and before I had a chance to realize, I was gone too. My being vibrated, the whole world slid out of focus before I was suddenly sitting in another chair inside the mysterious ship.
The Wizard sat at the controls. He flicked a few switches and the vessel smoothly moved away, heading back, inevitable, for home. Something didn’t sit right with me.
“You have a ship?”
“Yes.” He said, a tone of anger still in his voice.
“This whole time you’ve had a way off The Island, but you’ve stayed.”
“Why? Why would you choose to stay, when you have a way to see the world?”
“Because I’ve seen what this world holds Tadao. I have no interest in seeing anything beyond our shores ever again.”
What bullshit. That made no sense. No one could ever want to stay on The Island forever. The fear and horror was replaced with anger. Anger at the old man dragging me back to my prison.
“How? There must be so so much out there! How can you be satisfied with a tiny rock?!”
The Wizard sighed, and relaxed slightly.
“There is more out there than you could possibly imagine, kid. The worlds beyond your shores are beautiful and terrible in equal measure.”
“You’ve seen other worlds!”
“I’ve seen what they can do to you, to the people you love and care about! I want no part of it any longer. Our Island is a paradise, you should be satisfied with that.”
“How can I be!” I shouted, “The Island is my home, yes; but it will never satisfy me. Ever. I want to see other shores, other peoples, other worlds! More than anything, other worlds.”
“YOU ARE NOT READY, BOY!” The Wizard snapped. “You are not ready.”
“How do you know?”
“Tonight. You had the sword you stole from me, you have the skills I taught you. You were the most dangerous person in that situation and yet you couldn’t do what needed to be done.”
“You killed her!”
“Because you could not!”
He sighed,
“Tadao, monsters lurk in the shadows of this universe. They take many forms, human and alien, but all mean to end you. You must be prepared to do whatever it takes in order to emerge alive, and to live with the consequences. You are not prepared for those consequences. You are not ready.”
I slumped back in my chair, mind furiously buzzing with potential comebacks. None of them came out of my mouth, because I knew I had no answer.
“All I want is to ensure that you’re prepared for the world beyond our shores. I wouldn’t be training you if I didn’t believe you have the capacity for that. You’re not there yet. You’re not ready.”
I’ll prove you wrong, I thought to myself, I’ll show you I’m ready. Someday. Someday soon.
//Hi Reddit! I know it's been a long time since I’ve posted but I decided against writing a story for Season of the Lost for a myriad of reasons and instead decided to focus on preparing for the story I’m planning for Witch Queen. This is the first prelude to that story. Next week and the week after, I’ll publish two more stand-alone preludes. After that, there will be a couple empty weeks until February 26th(the Saturday after Witch Queen!) See you soon!//
(Read the entire series here)
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2022.01.22 12:47 GhostBorn2003 18M looking for Indian buddies

Hey there! I am here in search of my Indian buddies out here. I know not if there are any but if you are there and interested hmu. A bit about myself. I am a student of literature and I am into writing and poetry. I like discussing about movies and philosophy. But dont worry even if our interests mismatches, I am open to learn about new things from you! Also I am sheer fan of football so if you are one then that's a plus. Be within age of 17-20. Gender doesn't matter. That's it! Stay safe everyone. Also if you aren't Indian, don't hesitate to ping me up.
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2022.01.22 12:47 Dreamtarot LPT: When checking product reviews, sorry by 'most recent'. It's easier to find the authentic ones before companies have a chance to astroturf over them.

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2022.01.22 12:47 ClareKennedyUK Emily Robinson

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2022.01.22 12:47 donbosco2017 Be nice to your peers, especially those who were born in 1964...

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2022.01.22 12:47 mrgimmedat Cutting off Monstera aerial roots already in soil

See pics below. My monstera is growing horizontally and i would like to train it to attach to the pole i put in. Can i cut the aerial roots off that are already in soil and over time pull it more upright/back towards the pole with plant ties or would it be better to leave them and try and coax the vine backwards/up as it grows using plant ties?
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2022.01.22 12:47 Ok-Candy-5869 I am running for PM

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2022.01.22 12:47 Goochpapadopolis Apollo Brown produced collection coming along well... finally got the Ras Kass reissue...

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2022.01.22 12:47 suimrtnz Happy Saturday AR Community ☀️Here’s a random thought: 💭What’s Rich Panda’s obsession with walking behind the counter and the tip jar?? 🐼💸🐟

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2022.01.22 12:47 Mindless_Use_4416 Can't hear twitch sound track as a viewer

Whenever i go into a stream that is using soundtrack, i would not be able to hear the music. Is there any way for me to fix this?
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2022.01.22 12:47 AgentOrange2814 Just redownloaded Ark, looking for some good PS4 servers to play on. Leave them down below and I’ll check them out!

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