200 iq plays ??? Atleast for a bronze player

I mean atleast be fair about it. He played summer league after hoping off a 13 hour flight from the Olympics where he flashed. Yep, averaged 21 a game for 3 games at the Olympics. In a single move a player can remove either 1, 3 or 4 stones from the pile of stones. If a player is unable to make a move then that player loses the game. Given the number of stones where n is less than equal to 200, find and print the name of the winner. Examples: Input : 4 Output : player 1 Input : 7 Output : player 2 Kenbunshoku Haki (or 'Observation Haki' in English) is decent for PVP and great for PvE when an NPC catches the player in an M1 combo. Kenbunshoku Haki allows the user to do UP TO 10 dodges of attacks apart from AoE atacks. Basically, Ken Haki is a way to dodge attacks that would usually break your shield and inflict damage. 165+ Buying random Kenbunshoku Haki isn't the best, as it's very hard ... 2013. Went 12-10 with a 3.04 ERA and 216 strikeouts in 31 starts in his 9th Major League season. Selected to his fourth All-Star Game (also: 2009, 2011, 2012)…pitched a scoreless 4th inning in AL's 3-0 win…is the 6th player in club history to be selected to at least four All-Star games, and the second pitcher (Randy Johnson). The best player I have used under 1 million coins in my opinion. I never liked a player who does not have atleast a 4*4* but Salah totally changed my view. I have used Messi, Neymar, Mane and Son but by far Salah stands out the most. I am not a top player but I usually finish Rank 2 atleast on FUT champs and DIV 1 on rivals so I know a thing or ... New Delhi: Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi on Friday called the Centre's decision of scrapping three farm laws as a victory of truth, justice, and non-violence. While stating that in democracy, every decision should be made after the consultations of every stakeholder including the opposition, Sonia Gandhi said, "I hope the Modi Govt has at least learned something for the future." Each player will be revealed in an in-depth article describing their 2019 with focus on their individual performances, accompanied by an interview. You can return to this article every day to check on the progress of the list, as we will update it here each time a player is revealed, all the way up to January 20 when the Top 20 comes to completion. Zul, Reborn is a two phase encounter. Phase one challenges the raids ability to deal with waves of dangerous adds in tandem with the bosses abilities, whilst phase two is a race to the finish as the raid runs out of room over time. Atleast at this time of the year (November) the pace does not need a boost, so a finisher really is the perfect option if you intend to play him striker. His shots are bullets 90% of the time, although he only has 3 star skills he pulls off a cheeky roulette better than anyone else. His working for his money this year Atleast Top Re: Game 15: Miami Heat vs New Orleans Pelicans 11/17 Wed 7PM USA Eastern Standard Time (Thursday 18/11 8:30AM - Perth T

2021.12.01 02:47 Ok_Fig_182 200 iq plays ??? Atleast for a bronze player

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2021.12.01 02:47 Vampire5695 Getting real tired of your kitten!

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2021.12.01 02:47 johnnyappleseedlives my current friend is taking s i g n i f i c a n t l y longer than expected, so have a bonus. Week 5 of making a superbly liddol friend until silksong comes out: mini hornet

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2021.12.01 02:47 JackThaSnack 18m cute bottom. Looking for daddys telegram me

My telegram is @setomol send me a dick pic to receive one! Will only be responding to dick pics. I need to cum!!! 😍😁
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2021.12.01 02:47 Shark-Yes Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue

The Children Are fast But Elmo Is Faster.
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2021.12.01 02:47 strangegeneration94 What should I do about my new awful job?

I'm a male, 27 years old.
I don't wanna go into in depth details and make this post a novel, so I'll try to get to the point. From January to September of this year, I worked at an apartment management company. I was a groundskeeper, a cleaner, and a landscaper. Initially, I liked the job. But as time went, my supervisor and boss became an absolute nightmare to deal with. The workplace was severely understaffed. The communication between my superiors became downright toxic. I really felt like I was gonna snap. So for the sake of my sanity, I decided to quit the job. At the time it seemed like a good decision, cause financially speaking I was doing really good, and I knew I could buy myself some time and search for a new job.
I ended up going about two months unemployed. I barely scraped by. Turned out that finding a new job was much more challenging that I'd ever imagine. I almost applied for a few warehouse jobs...but what can I say, I turned them down, cause the idea of working in a warehouse just seemed too high paced and depressing for me. No offense to anyone who does work in a warehouse. That's just me. I work better alone or with a minimal amount of people. But then I ended up finding a job as a car cleaner and detailer. That's where I'm working now.
The first two weeks weren't that bad. I really thought this job was going to be okay for a while. But things have quickly proven to have gone downhill fast. First and foremost, this is by the far the most boring job I have ever done in my life. I can't emphasize how painfully boring it is. With this job there are no middle grounds. I'm either so busy, non stop working, that it's sickening. Or the day goes slow and there's absolutely nothing to do, to the point where I feel like I'm going to scream. So I feel it's a lose-lose situation. I'm actually not a lazy person. I don't mind working. Last thing I want to do is sit on my butt all day and look at my phone. But non stop working 24/7 also drives me crazy too. There's no happy medium at this job.
Secondly, I feel like my co-workers secretly dislike me. I just can't keep up with everyone else. I'm constantly being criticized and told that I'm doing something wrong. My co-workers are always correcting me. What can I say? I guess I'm not a car washing cleaning professional. At first I really thought it was going to be simple and that I'd figure it out. But my co-workers constantly make it abundantly clear that I'm always doing something wrong. My work is always getting bad reviews, which is reflecting bad on the rest of my co-workers. So I feel like overtime they've begun to dislike me because of that. And that's an awful feeling for me, cause I'm a perfectionist, and I absolutely hate to feel like I'm dragging anyone else down or delivering a bad work performance. This is hurting my self esteem honestly. Every day I go into work I just feel like the biggest failure in the workplace. And I feel my co-workers are too passive to just come out and say it. There's a lot of passive aggressive energy in the workplace directed towards me. Or at least that's what it feels like. Such an awful feeling.
Thirdly, I just feel like this job isn't for me. It's not a good fit. Like I said, I work better alone and independently, doing my own thing. Even though I quit my last job, I was actually really good at it. But that's aside the point. At this job I'm surrounded by people all day. There's no escaping it. Maybe I'm an introvert, I don't know. But being around people (my co-workers) all day is draining for me. So much small talk and chit chat. Nowhere to hide. It's really taxing on my mind after a while. So that aspect effects me on a personal level. There are other personal things I could mention, but I'd rather not. You get it. Just the feeling of being not a good fit.
And fourthly...here's what's really, really bugging me. My boss just told me today that I need to start working even later three times a week. I work a 9 to 5 job. But now, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, they're wanting me to stay till 8. Today was the first day I had to do that and let me tell you, it was awful in every way imaginable. Really put me in a bad mood. As if working 9 to 5 wasn't bad enough. And there's no negotiating or talking my way out of this. My boss basically said, work till 8 or find a new job. This has really sent me into a depressive state. To think that I'll have to spend even more time at a place that's stressing me out. And more time will just equal more work. It sucks. Simple as that. I was coping with the normal schedule, but this just threw everything out of whack. Working an extra hour...sure. But till 8? I have no words.
Balancing a work life and personal life seems like it'll be near impossible now. I take physical fitness seriously. These three days of staying late will most certainly interrupt that. I barely get to spend time with my family, and now this will make that time even less. I want to quit this job so bad, but I just can't do that. Now my financial situation is even sketchier. There's so much at risk. I feel like I'm stuck at this job now. And the pay isn't even that impressive. And sometimes I think I'm gonna get fired. I'm currently searching for a new job, but what can I say...this is a crappy situation. Pretty hard to go do job interviews when I have to work long hours like this. I really want out of this situation, but yet I don't want to self sabotage my whole life. I have to pay rent and bills. I have nowhere else to go. I don't want lose everything I have.
I need help. I'm freaking out.
What should I do?
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2021.12.01 02:47 Scruffy56 Another shot of Luna & Mars, pound kitties adopted this weekend

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2021.12.01 02:47 Anonynmoususer001 #Binance #Mobox #Referalcode#$1,000,000NFTGiveaway

Go to Binance app, scroll up, mobox, sign up, select ticket key in referral code and get free ticket Avatar ID: 12299589
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2021.12.01 02:47 MufcAgs7 Guest bedroom at my in-laws.

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2021.12.01 02:47 GAINS-Associates 💬 Welcoming Lanston from Meland.ai — QUIZ & AMA Date: Thursday, December 2 at 13:00 UTC. Place: GAINS Discussion Equivalent times: 08:00 EST = 14:00 CET = 18:30 IST 🕐 Countdown 🔹Project tease: — Meland.ai is the first Learn-to-Earn decentralized platform where players can challenge quizzes.

💬 Welcoming Lanston from Meland.ai — QUIZ & AMA Date: Thursday, December 2 at 13:00 UTC. Place: GAINS Discussion Equivalent times: 08:00 EST = 14:00 CET = 18:30 IST 🕐 Countdown 🔹Project tease: — Meland.ai is the first Learn-to-Earn decentralized platform where players can challenge quizzes. submitted by GAINS-Associates to GAINS_Associates [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 02:47 patchoulion_ Advice on appropriate consequences for the fighter who continuously "plays rough" and has finally pushed it too far in my opinion.

Alright, here is the background. a very dear friend of mine is playing in my campaign and playing dnd for the first time. His first character choice? Goliath Fighter. A strong mountain warrior who is on a noble Blood Quest. He enjoys fights, but also has a soft spot for fluffy cute animals. Thank all the gods he isn't just a murder hobo and I do enjoy his character, although he is brash and strong willed.
So, his character is rough around the edges, and often uses his strength and size to rough up NPCS for more information/to "vibe check" them. I let it slide a lot and give gentle responses, such as kicking him out of taverns, or setting him up with much higher level body guards than himself so he makes a fool of himself and nothing really bad comes of it.
Except this time. He has assaulted a head archivist at a world renowned library who was just coming to meet them and bring them to the esteemed individual they were meeting with. My player then decided to sulk outside of the library, where he was apprehended by town guards and the party had to use a large portion of their gold to bail him out. This was the immediate consequence I came up with.
Now, they are about to re-enter town and speak with the esteemed individual once again, who has previously hinted at allowing them access to their teleportation circle to support them in their current quest, and specifically as a one-time offer. Given they have assaulted someone very high up who was going to be doing the spell for them and doing them a huge favor, I do not know what to do.
How do I move forward with this situation? I also don't want to feel like I'm calling out this character because the party on a whole has a WILD amount of flaws and this one is just the easiest to be upset about. thanks in advance for your help.
I'm tempted to have an intern do the spell (since the head archivist refuses help them anymore) who is really unsure of himself and let fate decide where they end up.
TLDR: my party's fighter is too rough and assaulted someone who was going to teleport them to the next city. what do I do?
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2021.12.01 02:47 TheHolyRatKing Downlow Chicken tried to serve me this today. Completely unacceptable.

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2021.12.01 02:47 Mad_Season_1994 If sex (or intimacy) is an integral part of a healthy relationship, how is any sex supposed to be good if a man has a short/small penis?

This goes for both het and gay couples. What are men with small penises supposed to do? Just use their fingers for everything? Wouldn't that get boring after awhile?
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2021.12.01 02:47 Rdick_Lvagina Hey I forgot, the show was on. I missed it. Just going to do a quick check of the internet to see if they found the treasure ...

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2021.12.01 02:47 Zing_Ping Is it possible to find the likely planetary dominance by looking at the chart ?

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2021.12.01 02:47 nanaa_s Why do our families (depending on your own situation) seem to suck so much more after diagnosis?

That is all.
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2021.12.01 02:47 clqritin GAYS😻

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2021.12.01 02:47 TheExperimentalDoge What works the best when used incorrectly?

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2021.12.01 02:47 ynfizz Is this a good monitor for gaming? LG 27 Inch QHD 144hz w/ G-Sync

Here is the link. Please let me know if there are any other monitors out there that offer good value!
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2021.12.01 02:47 MrTheDank "Have you tried WINNING?"

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2021.12.01 02:46 MooSheeRoo Youtube autoplay a random video after my playlist has ended

I regularly listen to a music playlist and when it gets to the end youtube will just play a random video after even though I have autoplay off its really annoying I just want the music to stop when the playlist is over
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2021.12.01 02:46 NickNafster79 If fast food restaurants were people

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2021.12.01 02:46 Wrong_Specific_2211 [image] Therapist vibe come from therapist satisfaction. LOL

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2021.12.01 02:46 Sorry_Ocelot3780 scared to tell a girl im inexperienced in bed

So I've gone on a couple dates with this girl and everything is going great so far. I seem confident, fun etc and she's great too. However, I am worried and nervous to have sex with her because I am very inexperienced. She is also older than me and definitely more experienced and based on how I am on dates, I assume she thinks I am experienced as well.
I've had a few girlfriends before but for some reason I always have issues getting and staying hard. Whether it's putting on the condom (wrong side or not) or not knowing where to insert my dick into I just get anxious and the condom ends up flapping around and I have to put on a new one and the whole process would start over. Sometimes going through 3-4 condoms.I'm a good kisser and very physical just my dick never seems to work when I need it to in these scenarios and have only once really penetrated a girl but pretty quickly my penis just shriveled up.
With past girls I would end up just having her give me blow jobs or I go down on her, but have barely had any penetration in my past relationships. I like this girl but she's also older than me and more experienced and I'm just worried once she finds out I'm bad in bed/or not even competent at it.
What should I do? I am debating just holding off from even trying for a while while I still practice, or just doing one or two things with her (hand job/finger her etc) which is what I'm better at but it/s just something I'm anxious and really insecure about.
I have no issues getting hard when masturbating but also definitely have some sexual fetish issues that may be preventing me from getting hard in real life (without getting too specific it's sorta a fantasy thing that is highly unlikely to happen). Just not sure how to handle all of this and feel overwhelmed.
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2021.12.01 02:46 Threedawg Went looking for a new bumper due to damage. Found an Indy addition interior attached to a bumper w/o an engine that I can swap in. Total 80s SCORE.

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